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Contract Information

Effective June 1, 2007

Effective June 1, 2007, we have undergone new management.  Margo Trosin has accepted this position and we look forward to her serving you at the Community Center.  With the new management, we have made some changes to some of the rules of the center.

Part of the contract states that there are cleaning responsibilities of the rental party.  The $100 cleaning deposit will be returned to the rental party if the center is cleaned according to this list, if not, we retain the $100 and clean the center as stated:

· Wipe down tables and chairs that are used—putting away extra tables/chairs

· Remove any tape from tables used

· Sweep and mop the center

· Remove all garbage and dispose of in garbage containers in the alley

· Clean bathrooms, including: sweep, mop, garbage, toilets, sinks

· Clean kitchen, including: sweep, mop, garbage, wipe down counters, dishes, cabinets, refrigerator, stove, sinks and remove any personal items

The Center needs cleaned immediately after the rental party’s event.  Discussion can be had regarding cleaning arrangements with the manager.  The manager will insure everything is cleaned accordingly and verify nothing is damaged after the event.  The City Clerk will mail the rental party’s deposit(s) back at this time.

We have recently painted the walls and waxed the floors in the center.  Please DO NOT:

· Tape or staple anything to the walls.

· Lean items against the walls, for example: tables or chairs.  We have purchased table and chair racks to be used for extra items.  If these are full, extra items can be placed in the south storeroom.

If the event is a bar event (wedding, dance, etc.), we NO longer offer keg beer.  We do sell drink tickets for $2.50 per ticket that can be purchased from the manager for your event.  These tickets are good for anything that we sell, and are considered a “free drink” ticket.  We offer a selection of beer, wine coolers, and liquor, but if you require anything “special”, please discuss this with the manager.

All individuals at a bar event WILL BE asked for identification and all individuals will have a wristband attached for the event.  If an individual does NOT have ID with them—they will be identified with the under 21 band.  Anyone caught with alcoholic beverages that are under 21 will be escorted out of the Center.  We refuse the right to serve anyone.

Please contact the manager, Margo Trosin, at (712)868-4358 or (712)209-3367 with any questions.  Margo opens the center for the rental party.  Any dirty towels and washrags can be left in the kitchen sink and she will wash and return. 

You can obtain a contract by contacting the Armstrong City Clerk, Connie Thackery (712)864-3535.

Thank you for your interest with the Armstrong Community Center!

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